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Dr Caroline Leaf

Dr Caroline Leaf is one of the world’s leading Neuropsycholgists, who has been conducting neuroplasticity research for the past 25 years, on the functioning of the human brain, its ability to change, and the healing of the conscious and subconscious mind from trauma.
Dr Leaf provides education and evidence based strategies on how we can take control of our thoughts, by reprograming our mind, healing from trauma, and in doing so, live our lives the way we were intended too.
She has written several popular books including: “Switch on your brain”, “Think and eat yourself smart”, “Perfectly you”, numerous study programs, published renowned academic articles and research papers, and travels the world speaking about her findings, as well as weekly television programs.
Much of what we do is influenced by Dr Leaf’s research. Check her out online:, or

Dr Bruce Perry

Dr Bruce is a leading Psychiatrist and specialises in child trauma – how this changes the formation of the brain, and how therapy can change it back and break symptomatic behaviours, thoughts and emotions. He has many published works, speaking and training programs, and therapeutic frameworks.
Grant and Sally have been to several of Dr Perry’s trainings and follow his latest research findings in therapies we deliver. Check him out:

dr caroline leaf