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Mentality is a chosen way of thinking. The ability to learn and create foundational beliefs, where from these, you choose a more helpful and mindful approach to self, relationships and living.

In today’s society, many men are restricted in their ability to communicate what it is they are feeling, thinking due to cultural and generational influences. Due to experiencing, trauma, abuse, substance abuse, being un-educated and unhelpful behaviours/communication, in relationships, from role models and in social peer groups, Men learn a mindset where it limits their ability to open up, talk and share how they are really going. How often have you heard the phrase ‘your weak’ or felt like you have to do things all on your own, that you cant ask for help??

This unhelpful mindset has unfortunately, created behaviours where we want to escape from feeling the void inside. To not feel this, we begin to behave in a way, where we begin to crave the opposite of how we are thinking or feeling towards ourselves. Some examples of these behaviours are where we begin to seek the approval from those in our lives, through our actions, we distract ourselves by striving for success to feel valuable, seeking attention to feel acceptance, disconnecting from others, fearing our own vulnerability because it means we are weak and we are falling a part!! Other beliefs might be Fear of being a failure, fear of rejection and fearing we are not enough! Unfortunately these mentality’s have evolved and continue to effect the way men choose to think, behave and live out our lives.

Here at Reminded mind health clinic, we are passionate about helping Men find their identity. Educating and providing healthier ways in which they learn to speak up, change unhelpful behaviours or they way we have always communicated, stop hurting yourselves and those we care about.

Book in today and begin your journey of changing your mindset, your identity by choosing to learn, change and create healthier mindsets, where you begin to live in the way you’ve always wanted to, free, without fear and passionate about life.


Grant Harvey

Clinical Mental Health Social Worker

Reminded Mind Health Clinic

Noosa Heads, Qld

(Also available by phone and skype sessions).