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First floor, 9 Sunshine Beach Rd Noosa Heads QLD 4567
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About us

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ReMindEd History

ReMindEd was created by Grant and Sally Harvey, who are passionate about seeing people live fulfilling lives, free from anything that holds them back.

With each having worked for a decade in the mental health and wellbeing industries, accredited mental health social workers by qualification, Grant and Sally have developed a holistic, unique practice, combining evidence-based traditional therapies, with more contemporary therapies due to recent findings in neuropsychology.

They also incorporate therapies that deal with each area of the human experience – mind, body, and spirit, and having the social work background, they come from the person in environment viewpoint, looking at the external stimuli impacting upon our humananity as well as the internal response of our mind. This forms a truly holistic therapy, individualised to suit identified needs, and dealing with issues at a pace chosen by the client.

Results are usually surprisingly quick, with concepts explained simply and practical strategies given that can be implemented immediately in real life.

Given the complexities they are dealing with and the level they are working at, their therapy is still a gentle process, which many clients find refreshing from some of the more traditional methods which may have had different outcomes.

They have worked in the education system, community health sector, not-for-profits and charities, in the business realm, and in private health, with people from every age group.

Mental Health and Wellness

Reminded offers a holistic approach to the mental health and wellness therapy where we specialise in, CBT,CPT, ACT, FPS, mindfulness, psychoanalysis and exposure. By educating clients to understand how their mind works, educating people how to have more control over their thoughts, emotions and behaviours through simple, practical strategies that have had lasting results for hundreds of clients.

We are excited, passionate and driven to see clients find their freedom and finally experience a life where they have the tools to help them on their journey.

Sessional fees

At Reminded, we understand the value of sowing financially into your own therapy. Paying something for your counselling service ensures readiness, commitment and increases the likelihood of successful outcomes.

As we are a privately run small family business, we do not have government funding, so all costs of having the service are paid for by the business.

We are committed to providing the Sunshine Coast with a high quality, professional clinical mental health service which is affordable and accessible to many.

It is our goal to work with other services within our community, to keep waiting lists down, to be responsive to client need, and for people that are ready to have counselling to be able to access it quickly.

For these reasons, we do not offer bulk billing.

We do however, work closely with local GPs, and have Medicare provider registration, so offer Medicare rebates to keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

(If finances are an issue for you right now, please utilise one of the many Government-funded community health options in our community).

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ReMindEd's Therapists

  • Grant Harvey

    I have provided a holistic approach to my practice for individuals, families and groups, who have needed support for their mental health and wellbeing. Using evidence based frameworks such as, CBT, CPT, ACT, FPS, Mindfulness and memory work.

    I have worked in the education system for seven years, with students, families, teachers and support staff, and specialise in working with young people and kids and their families.

    I have also worked with professionals from various backgrounds, as well as many couples.

    I have written and facilitated several successful group work programs for young people in schools, throughout Vic, NSW and QLD.

    I have a relaxed, welcoming style, allowing people to feel comfortable straight away, and explain things in simple ways that are easy to understand and start using.

    In our practice we offer counselling for individuals, couples, families, and groups, and provide presentations and education around mental health wellness.

  • Sally Harvey

    I have more than ten years experience working in the Mental Health field, where I have provided counselling for clients from 3 years old to 83, with easy to understand concepts around their own minds and how to be more in control of thoughts, emotions and behaviours as a result.

    I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who provides a holistic approach for mental health and wellness using evidence based frameworks such as, CBT, ACT, CPT, FPS, Mindfulness and Exposure Therapy (memory work).

    I specialise in educating people around their subconscious, teaching them how to be more in control of their own mind and understanding how their mind works – this way, change is lasting, and you discover how to think yourself well by changing your mind. I love the latest findings in neuropsychology, am most passionate about working with complexities, trauma response of the mind, personality disorders, addictions, and challenging what has become unhelpful.

    I believe every person can be free of whatever has held them back, that we can re-learn how to respond differently, and that we can actually heal from diagnosis, trauma, suicidality and be free.

    In our practice we offer counselling for individuals, couples, families and groups, and provide presentations and education around mental health and wellness.